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Learning about opposites

During our Autumn Term 2017, the children will be learning about opposites, the topic will compliment the children’s awareness of opposites within their environment such as “open / closed” and “big / small”.

Communication, language and literacy

Talking about things within the environment that represent opposites such as a door opened and a door closed, children will learn the song about giant shoes, policeman shoes, baby shoes, to enhance their literacy skills.

Expressive arts and design

Children will complete a worksheet on opposites and draw a line to the correct opposite e.g: seesaw up, seesaw down.

Understanding the world

Children will learn to identify opposites within the classroom environment.


The children will be looking at the equipment in sensorial and maths to identify short and long such as long rods.

Personal and social development

Children to work within small groups to explore the inside of the classroom and outside of the classroom to find opposites.

Physical and sensorial development

The children will use their fine motor skills to trace around the knobbed cylinders in sensorial. They will use the sensorial equipment such as the broad stairs to identify long, and short.

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