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Baby Room

Oakdin has a fully equipped baby room in the Montessori setting. The room is designed to provide a calm and stimulating environment. There are lots of opportunities for the babies to explore the Montessori environment all activities are appropriate according to the child’s age and stage of development in a safe and secure loving environment. All babies are cared for on a strict 1:3 ratio with highly qualified staff with extensive baby experience. The room is brightly formed to allow babies to explore through their senses, cognitive and intellectual development and to develop through their expanding minds.

With added free flow from the patio doors babies have their own secluded garden and can explore freely by crawling or walking in and out of the patio area which is safe secure all on one level for babies  to explore. The room is comfortable and extremely bright and focuses on black and white which babies experience in the early stages of colour co-ordination. Child sized table and chairs for creative and messy play and above all the room is all on one level which helps a baby to feel safe and secure. Comfortable natural made cots for babies to sleep in and plenty of room to allow freedom for them to explore. The babies will have a nurturing start in preparation for transition to the main Montessori classrooms and will develop their senses and hand eye co-ordination whilst in the baby room.

Working with parents

All babies have an appropriate key worker who will be responsible for your baby’s development and will have a detailed diary that will be completed each day they attend to inform you of what they have eaten, how much milk they have drunk and details of their sleeping pattern and nappy changes. In addition we will share with you what your baby has enjoyed during their day, with their step by step milestone of development without missing out on the important rewarding targets they achieve.

We encourage all parents and carers to share valuable information with us as to the needs of your baby, their special preferences, dislikes, habits, comforts stage of development and so forth.  The more we know the more we can provide a “home to home environment”” for your baby. For a first few sessions if parents/carers like to stay with their baby we suggest this to be an important part of settling in your baby then gradually as they settle and become familiar with their new environment you be rest assured they will be in a safe and secure environment. It is our policy that your child feels safe and secure, learns and enjoys in our environment.


“Oakdin is a caring yet stimulating environment for young children. Everything within the setting is geared towards children and this helps them build confidence. Edward can learn at his own pace and within a mixed age group, he learns with the others or can work alone.

The children are taught to care about each others needs. In this setting Edward learns a lot without realising it as it is through constructive play. I asked Edward what he likes about Oakdin and he say he thinks he likes everything!”

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